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Yatri Motorcycles | Nepal’s First Electric Motorbike

Yatri Motorcycle’s Project Zero, the first electric motorbike designed in Nepal by a group of 7 enthusiastic individuals, looks into the future of urban mobility as not just a vehicle, but a solution to increasing urban air pollution.
Born in Nepal Yatri is an example of what can be done in Nepal and what Nepali can do. Yatri Motorcycles, a startup company launched by Nepali Young Entrepreneurs has finally unveiled its first-ever motorcycle. Yatri Motorcycle is Conceptualized, Designed and Manufactured in Nepal. Innovations like these are an inspiration for all aspiring Nepalese who are looking forward to grow themselves and change the world.

Yatri Motorcycle’s STORY:

Yatri Motorcycles was founded in December 2017 with an aim to design, engineer and manufacture green mobility solutions to transform the urban landscape.

Yatri care deeply about the environment we live in and believe that clean individual mobility is an important piece in solving the problem of urban air pollution. They also believe that good design is critical in defining the public awareness of electric mobility since their goal is larger than catering solely to environmentalists. They aim to cater to those who ultimately care about owning an inspiring product.

Yatri Motorcycle’s TEAM:

  • Ashim Pandey

    B.Sc and M.Sc from Delft University, The Netherlands

  • Batsal Pandey
    Business Strategist

    B.A from University of Maryland, USA

  • Kanishka Suwal
    Product Architect

    B.Sc from Bucknell University, USA

  • Ashesh Shrestha
    Product Development Engineer

    B.E. from Kathmandu University, Nepal

  • Rachin Shrestha
    Mechanical Engineer

    B.E from IOE Pulchowk, Nepal

  • Shaswot Kharel
    Mechanical Engineer

    B.Sc from University of New Orleans, USA

  • Krishna Prasad Shrestha
    Electrical Systems Engineer

    B.Tech EEE from JNTU Hyderabad, India

  • Thakur Paudel
    Battery Systems Engineer

    B.E from IOE Pulcowk, Nepal

  • Sujan Tamrakar
    Battery Systems engineer

    B.Sc from AIT, Thailand and M.Sc from RWTH University, Germany

  • Mamta Maharjan
    Powertrain Engineer

    B.Sc from IOE Pulchowk and M.Sc from NTNU, Norway

  • Sulav Lal Shrestha
    Embedded Systems Engineer
    B.E from NMIT Bangalore, India

Yatri Electric Motorcycle’s Most Common Specification:

  • Milage of 250-300km on single Charge
  • Carbon Fibre+Steel Chassis for Exceptional Strength-Weight Ratio
  • YatriHub for data centered care and support
  • Electric Powertrain for Stupefying Acceleration and a sustainable future

More changes can be seen in coming days in both of the bikes. It is because, the team are making them perfect everyday.

Yatri Electric Motorcycle’s Pricing:

Price of Project ZERO is NPR 1,949,000

Price of Project ONE starts from NPR 565,000

More Detail (Official Website) ➤ www.yatrimotorcycles.com/
(Official Facebook Page) ➤ https://www.yatrimotorcycles.com/

Yatri Motorcycles Logo

Yatri Team

Yatri Team

YATRI Project One

Moreover, YATRI has launched P-1 another electric bike too which is lesser in price than Project Zero.

They Say, “At the heart of the P-1 is a robust twin-spar double-cradle chromoly chassis that protects the powertrain and electronics of the motorcycle and forms the biggest bracket that attaches to everything of the motorcycle. The entirely developed in-house chassis gives us the freedom to tweak the stiffness and rigidity to give the best overall riding experience.” #SilentlyBold

Yatri P 1

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