Ultra LED Display In Nepal

Ultra LED Display In Nepal | Pricing & Its Business Scope

I’m sure most of you noticed such photos of crowds watching the SAG matches in the BIG screen of UWTC mall, outside Dashrath Stadium.

Installation History of LED Display in Nepal:

Today, I’m going to tell you the story of a young team that was an installation partner for this particular LED display, the team that has set up 15+ similar LED display systems at shopping malls across major cities in Nepal and has installed 1000+ digital display boards and counting.

Two years ago, a team of 5 people started working on the digital display and outdoor solutions through their company Himalayan Solution. In the early days, they just used to assemble the products.

Later on, they realized the bigger potentials and came up with an idea of outdoor LED displays for advertisements. It was the time Kulman Ghising had just ended load shedding in Nepal and there was an uninterrupted supply of electricity. They named the new venture ‘Ultra LED Displays’. Their seed investment was just 1.5 crores.

They bring the assembly parts from their authorized vendors in Shenzhen, China and build LED displays as per clients’ demand.

As mentioned above, the ‘Ultra LED Display’ team was the supervisor and installation partner for the LED display project at UWTC Tripureshwor, the biggest outdoor LED display in Nepal.

The team has designed and installed a display system at hotels, restaurants, government institutions, banks, corporates, shopping malls, and so forth.

Scope of LED Display in Nepal:

As per the team, demand for digital LED display in Nepal has been tremendously increasing in the last few years. Digital LED displays are replacing the traditional way of conveying messages to the audience as digital displays capture more view, information, images, videos which are more interactive for the viewers. Many businesses can connect to their customers through an LED display solution.

Now the company is looking for the growth phase.

Best wishes to the Ultra LED Display team for the successful venture.

Important Request for Tech-Enabled Startup from Basanta:

PS: I am planning to make similar posts about innovative tech startups of Nepal on a twice-a-week basis and give more exposure to them through this group. If anyone of you has been running a tech-enabled startup and want it to be shared in this group like this, then please ping me.

– Basanta K. Dhakal

Public Thoughts on Ultra LED Display In Nepal:

Prabin Shakya writes –
This is good.

Sagar Poudel writes-
Great one 👏👏

Abhinash Pandey writes-
Great work 👏👏👏🔥

Gift Risal writes-
I had some research about this screen to be fitted in our building at Durbar Marg. And I came to know that it’s very much expensive. We planned for 7 storey screen, but came to know it’s running cost is more than we thought and could not even raise our funds within several years, that we invested in it. Also, cost was extremely high(approx14 crore). I guess still 5-8 years it will take to go on the market with less price. If anyone works on these kind of screens do inbox me with your plans I have ready space in Durbar Marg and will be other space lately.
· Reply
Basanta K. Dhakal writes-
So, your display size is almost 4 times that of UWTC?
PS: The cost differs from the project designs and types of chips used on it, as informed by ‘Ultra LED Display’ team.
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Gift Risal writes-
Basanta K. Dhakal yea. almost 4 times. We planned for Nepal’s biggest screen. But the cost was much high than we expected.
· Reply
Sabin Adh writes-
Gift Risal You can coordinate with us in detail for the requirements !!
We will go through the details and revert back.
Thanks 🙂

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