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How To VOTE Your Favorite Contestant of Imagine Nepal From eSewa

How To VOTE Your Favorite Contestant of Imagine Nepal From eSewa?

Project That We Have Been Searching For This Far…..
A Must Watch and Share “Imagine Nepal Series” | Today, we will guide you on “How To VOTE Your Favorite Contestant of Imagine Nepal From eSewa?”.

With 49 epic documentaries, 7 creative team representing 7 Pradesh compete for the honor to represent Nepal as ‘नेपाल पर्यटन दूत २०७९’.

7 Categories:
1. People and Culture
2. Biodiversity
3. Food and Culinary Arts
4. Tourism Activities
5. Landscape and terrain
6. The Unexplored
7. Province Video

7 TEAM as:
1. Team Abin | कर्णाली प्रदेश (Karnali Province)| Imagine Nepal
2. Team Kishor | लुम्बिनी प्रदेश (Lumbini Province) | Imagine Nepal
3. Team Darshan | गण्डकी प्रदेश (Gandaki Province) | Imagine Nepal
4. Team Mannsi | बागमती प्रदेश (Bagmati Province) | Imagine Nepal
5. Team Ghumante | मधेश प्रदेश (Madesh Province) | Imagine Nepal
6. Team Sahana | Pradesh 1 | Imagine Nepal
7. Team Nepal.Food | सुदूरपश्चिम प्रदेश (Sudur Paschim Province) | Imagine Nepal

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Steps to vote Imagine Nepal:

Step 1: Go to eSewa App, Login and go to Search. If you have not downloaded app yet, you can get it from Google Playstore or iOS App Store. Or, you can visit https://esewa.com.np/ website too to vote Imagine Nepal.

Step 2: Search for Imagine Nepal.

3rd Step: Near “Voting closes in”, tap on “Vote Now”.

4th Step: Go To Team. Choose any team you like and tap on View Nominee.

5th Step: Here for an example, we will shown you by choosing Team Ghumante. Tap on vote and Choose Package. Select the package and tap on Vote Now and Submit. Provide your confirmation credential. Here, it asked for a Face ID on my iOS Device.

This way, your voting will be successful for the Imagine Nepal.

Video tutorial on how you can vote one or more your favorite contestant of Imagine Nepal using an eSewa.