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How To Pay Electricity Bill using Connect IPS

How To Pay Electricity Bill using Connect IPS?

Now you can pay your Electricity Bill online at your home. You just need a smartphone or a laptop and Connect IPS Account. In this Nepali Tech Tutorial Blog post and Video, we will guide you to pay your Electricity Bill using the connect IPS Account. So let’s start the process.

Please note that, you must have enough balance at your Bank Account which is linked with your connect IPS account. Sign up Connect IPS account if you have not done yet. https://www.connectips.com/ If you want to lean how you can create the Connect IPS account, then you can visit our YouTube Channel “Taja Jankari“.

Steps to Pay Nepali Electricity Bill using Connect IPS:

Step 1: Go to login.connectips.com and login with your credentials.

Step 2: On the left hand side, you will see “Utilities Payment”. Inside it, you will need to choose your Bank Account Number from SENDER DETAILS. Also, on BENEFICIARY DETAILS, choose or fill up the Counter, Customer Id and SC Number. You can find these details on your Electricity Bill. And now click or tap on May Payment.

3rd Step:  Now, you can see all the details you have filled up. Also, you can verify now if you have provided the corrected details or not. You can see the owner name of the electricity consumer. Also, you can see the amount details too. If all information seems correct, now you can again tap or click on MAKE PAYMENT.

4th Step: You will be asked to put the Transaction Password of your Connect IPS account. After filling, tap on Continue. And, your transaction will be successful.

5th Step: For your future payment or any other purpose, you can download the Payment Statement too by clicking the download button. You can verify from the Transaction History section too.

6th Step: To verify if your payment is remained or not, you can cross check by following all same previous steps. If “Not Found! Consumer can not pay more than once on the same day.” error message is shown then, your previous payment has been processed and you have to know that you do not have any other pending bill. Hence, that much for it.

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Also, video tutorial on how you can use your Connect IPS account to pay your Electricity Utility Bill: