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Nepalese In Photography

Nepalese In Photography is an active Facebook closed group created on 6th January 2009 AD by a Nepali. It has current 303,654 active members dated 21 June 2019.

Admin writes more about Nepalese In Photography in Group Description:

This is a group for all Nepalese (and Nepalese Residents) interested in photography. Share your images here and get opinions of other members. Keep an open mind, ask questions, seek for feedback, share what you know, share what you think might help the members. We are all learning and such practice helps us grow individually as well as a community.
** Please allow few hours to get your post and membership request approved.

  • Group Rules:
    ** Group question when joining the group must be answered or else Admins will not approve your request to join the group.**
    ** Admins have the right to remove any post/s or member/s they find inappropriate. Please remember this is an avenue to learn by sharing.
    ** Post your images by directly uploading to the group and not by sharing a link of your image from outside source.
    ** CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACKS are encouraged.
  • Plagiarism Rule:
    ** Plagiarism is strictly dealt with and any member posting plagiarised content is immediately BANNED. If you want to share or use someone’s work then you need to provide a reference.
  • Approval/Rejection Rule:
    ** A minimum amount of exif data has to be provided by photographers when submitting their photos. No EXIF, no approval.
    ** Photos captured with mobile phone do not have to post exif but need to mention that the image was captured using a phone.
    ** Do not post the same image multiple times to get approval. Once rejected it will not be approved.
    ** ANYTHING not related to PHOTOGRAPHY such as events, ads, spams, etc will not be approved.
    ** Any images containing nudity of any kind has to be censored before posting on the wall. Any image that is not censored will not be approved.
    ** Any images that are pornographic in nature, contains inappropriate nudity and are racailly and ethically motivated will not be approved.
    ** Please POST a maximum of ONLY 2 IMAGES per day (one photo at a time ). Let EVERYONE have some SPACE.
    ** Images of cigarette, smoking and alcohol will be allowed with Statutory Declaration. Images of Drugs that have been declared as illegal by the government of Nepal may or may not be approved. Admins decision will be final decision on that matter.
  • Banning Member:
    ** Members using abusive words will be BANNED immediately.
    ** If you are caught Plagiarising other’s work you will be banned.
    ** Members harassing or targetting other members/admins with inappropriate or unacceptable comment/behaviour will be banned.

Nepalese In Photography Other Rules:

** All images posted here will be regarded as approval for posting in NIPEC, NIP facebook page, NIP Instagram and NIP website.
** Please have admins prior approval before posting any personal/organizational events or news of any form (May be subjected to a small fees)

Scenarios where we may reject photos and not mentioned above:

1. Photo whose horizon could easily be fixed.
2. Over edited photos.
3. Improperly composited photos.
4. Subject is interesting but placed horribly against unrelated backgrounds.
5. Blurry photo.

Amazing Thoughts & Reply in Nepalese In Photography Group:

On 21 June 2019, Anil Rai one of the member of Nepalese In Photography writes:

i’m fed up of watching pictures of girls, political propaganda, same temples and such, all over and over again. i wanna see photos of new places, shots from your journey to rarely visited places, NO not ABC or places where it’s in everybody’s reach. Places that are secluded from mankind only where few have been, it could be anything, anything at all. SURPRISE US ALL.

i thought creative photographers are met here, but i guess i’m wrong. everybody’s hungry for likes and comments and to make money, not a single photographer here loves his work, it shows in the pictures. come on nobody’s forcing you to click pictures if you don’t want to, just hang your hammer. and nobody’s going to be a millionaire by clicking pictures. if you want to make loads of money overnight, then you should quit it and do business. most of you here are making this group messy. your posts are not productive, enjoyable, and meaningful. I’m sorry if it hurts your feelings but it’s how i see it, and perhaps so many people here also think so.

photography is an art, it’s a creative field. so go create something spectacular piece of art and amaze us with it, no don’t shoot girls again and again. In order to be creative you have to click thousands of pictures as practice and when you get there you’ll be mesmerized by your work yourself. nobody here wants to stand out in the crowd of photographers, everybody’s regular here, ORDINARY. not ambitious enough to be remembered by their work afterwards, nobody wants to leave a legacy or say talented enough to be Legendary Photographer.

come on don’t shoot the same SH!# every time until you get old and realize you never did/tried to do some thing extraordinary. it will kill you from inside. aren’t you bothered of saving pictures that all look alike all over your disks. try to grow, move forward, excel.

i hope we’ll be seeing a lot of fresh and enjoyable pictures here sooner.

i don’t mean to offend anyone here but i see nobody’s giving a damn about this group being a sheep shed, so i had to say something.

Reply by another member of this group, by Prasanna Singh Karki:

Your definition of creativity seems different than most of us. Just going out to unexplored places and taking pictures of something new isn’t creative. Most people here just want to share the pictures that show how they perceive the world in their daily life. Some are pros, most are amateurs just trying to learn. It would be a better idea to create a separate group of photographers who just explore and give you creative photos if that is what you want, but from a mainstream group that focuses on letting everyone share their perception, I don’t think it will work here. You have no choice but to go through those cliche locations, models. I feel sorry if you don’t see the difference in perspective that everyone has. You cannot force people to be your definition of creative, but rather appreciate and learn to see in their perspectives.

So, this topic ends here, what do you say about this scenario?

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