My Personal Corona Experience Information Sharing

My Personal Corona Experience Information Sharing

My personal Corona experience information sharing: (Share it as much as possible | Reshared via Upcycle Nepal – Revive)

My overall Corona routine, some of the very important notes I learned that I had no clue about before, and some medicines I took suggested from a person who works at a hospital. I would suggest you to check out the video once for complete information.

Overall whole day routine:

Morning Routine from 6 to 11:

• Drink one cup of hot water after waking up.
• Take Sancho hot water steam (3 times a day)
• Salt water gargle. (3 times a day)
• Take hot water Dettol body bath (possibly every day or according to your health and feasibility)
• Change clothes every day after bathing (Change bed sheets at least once a week)
• Drink Kadha 2 times a day (The one I used is Immuno care kwath)
• Horlicks & biscuits after few minutes of having Kadha. (Take digestive or whole-grain biscuits like multigrain biscuits only)
• Try to stay in sun, avoid wind and stay warm as much as possible, it heals lots of problems.
• Then have your lunch rice, Daal, vegetables, fruits like apples, oranges, onions (Do not make it oily, try not to fry, you can boil or make it gravy or soup-like)
• Make sure you dip fruits in hot water before you eat it.
• Vitamin C tablet one and then after 5 or 10 mins have Zinc tablet one.
• You can have one spoon Chawanprash in the morning (Dherai garum huncha vaye nakhanda pani huncha.)

Afternoon routine from 12 to 5:

• Gurjo water one cup (If your pressure is low do not take)
• Horlicks and biscuits most preferably digestive or whole-grain biscuits like multigrain biscuits only (Do not have anything oily, junks, or fired).
• Soups of any flavor (Chicken, tomato, or mushroom)
• One Egg you and you can also add rotis or any healthy nonoily stuffs for your evening snacks.
• Hot water Sancho Baaf again. (3 times a day)
• Stay in the sun as much as possible, if not keep full-body warm, avoid wind Open small space window for ventilation.
• Have Kadha again one cup, it keeps your body warm from inside.
• You can have hot water or tulsi tea from time to time.
• You can also do simple yoga during this time to keep your mind and body stress-free.

Night routine 7-9:

• Have your dinner rice, Daal, vegetables, fruits like apples, oranges, onions (Do not make it oily, try not to fry, you can boil or make it gravy or soup-like)
• Have one cup lemon, honey, ginger water. (Add lemon according to your preference, if you have gastric problems use less amount of lemon.)
• Have a Vitamin C tablet.
• Hot water Sancho steam again.
• Salt water gargle.
• Fill hot water in Thermos and keep it in your room to drink it from time to time in the night whenever you get up.
• Sleep well for at least 8 hours complete, do not do any kind of heavy hectic works.

Medicines I took:

(I’m not a doctor this was prescribed to me by a person who works in a hospital, I’m just sharing what I used)
Zinc 10 mg once a day after lunch for 10 days.
Vitamin C 1 tablet twice a day after lunch and dinner.
Vitamin D 60k only 1 tablet once a week for 3 weeks.
WARNING: Do not use this antibiotic Doxycycline without your doctor’s prescription. I’m only mentioning what I used; it might not be safe for everyone, please take strict precautions for medicines mentioned below.
Doxycycline 100 mg twice a day for 5 days after food
doxycycline may cause gastritis, should be taken with 1 full glass of water, should be taken after food only, doxycycline खानेबिबिकै नपल्टिने | Do not rest right after having this antibiotic.
Pantoprazole 40 mg twice a day for 5 days on an empty stomach (Only if you use this antibiotic Doxycycline otherwise no need to use.
Ivermectin 12 mg only 1 tablet overall (Use with doctor’s prescriptions only)

Important Notes:

➢ Stay very warm, wear clothes that cover your whole body and keep you warm, protect your chest by covering it fully, do not let yourself get cold at all. (Avoid cold floors or anything cold.)
➢ Use hot water for everything like for drinking, washing hands, washing fruits, vegetables, and bathing. Do not use cold water at all.
➢ Try to take bath at least once in two days with hot water and Dettol, change your clothes, and wash it right after. (In case of cough and cold or any difficulty do not force it.)
➢ Everyone wears a mask all the time, change to a new mask every day, dispose of old ones every night to avoid spreading the virus.
➢ Wash hands a lot with hot water all day from time to time and use sanitizer after washing.
➢ Wash clothes and dip, it in Dettol and hot water for an hour and dry it in sun (All should be done by infected themselves)
➢ Disinfect everywhere the infected goes with a disinfectant spray, keep one spray every place the infected uses so; they can spray right after using.
➢ Try not to touch your face at all, if needed wash your hand and sanitize properly before touching your face or just use tissue paper.
➢ Try to use disposable paper cups and paper plates, if not use very few utensils and keep them very sanitized.
➢ Do not do any heavy work, do light works or add some simple yoga to your routine to keep your body and mind stress-free, and make sure to get at least 8 hours of complete sleep at night.
➢ Buy an oximeter and thermometer to keep track of your oxygen level and your body temperature. If the oxygen level is fluctuating and drops below 90%, contact a doctor immediately.
➢ If the infected person is above 50 years old, keep a doctor in touch to keep track of the vital signs of the person.

Thanks to Upcycle Nepal – Revive for all these informations.

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