My 1000 KM Run Experience on Segway E100

My 1000 KM Run Experience on Segway E100 and Ownership Review 2023

Greetings. I recently bought SEGWAY Ninebot E100 model from Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. Its been two or two and half month. Its showroom is also located at Rising Mall, Durbarmarg Kathmandu. Today in this informative blog, I would like to express My 1000 KM Run Experience on Segway E100 EV scooter from iHub Pvt. Ltd. I purchased it at NRs. 2,71,000 on a New Year Offer. With this short sweet information, let’s dive into our main topic.

These are My Top 10 1000 KM Run Experience on Segway E100 and Ownership Review 2023:

  1. Suspension of Segway Ninebot E100 was good on slight off road or gravel road or road that are under construction with pot holes and unlabeled surfaces.
  2. My riding styles were comfortable due to its anti-skid tyres.
  3. I loved the braking system too with dual disc on both wheels.
  4. I loved the keyless start and lock features which I am doing it with Bluetooth controlled mobile application. There are so much functionality that you can control with the mobile application. You can download it and use on both iOS and Android Smartphones.
  5. Its battery is portable, you can unplug from scooter and plug it anywhere you go on an emergency purpose. But according to technician from service center, it is not recommended. Its better to charge the scooter normally with inbuilt battery inside it. It protects the battery from over voltage and from burning of the battery terminal.
  6. Segway E100 has seat sensor too. Its a handy and useful feature but I did not feel comfortable with this feature and I had to turn it off via the SEGWAY Mobile Application. One user = one app connectivity. So, I loved this security as well. You can share the supplementary access to your near and dear with WeChat codes but I have not tried it yet.
  7. The time: I am still unable to change the clock or time to Nepali Time. Hope, with the update on application’s firmware, this thing can be customized in coming days.
  8. In the beginning, after the scooter is charged up-to 100% and while I tried to start riding, the display shuts down automatically. I try to turn on the scooter with both mobile application or with the remote control, it won’t start. After few attempts, I manage to open the seat or boot space and with the help of it I unplug the battery cables and re-plug in it, this this solved and I could turn on the scooter again. I faced such an issue three times. After my first service, now I do not face such problem.
  9. The charger tries to charge the battery even the scooter is charged to full 100%. I feel that it should have auto cut-off feature or something so that it could protect both charger and battery from over charge.
  10. I hear un-pleasant sounds from the suspensions while I ride on the streets like they are getting old or something. Well, I will present those new minor issues while I go for another servicing. Hope, these will be solved as well.

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So, they were My Top 10 1000 KM Run Experience on Segway E100 and Ownership Review 2023. If you have any comments or queries, feel free to ask me via comment section of by inbox on Facebook Page of Taja Jankari. Also, I explained these things more on my video too. I will share that video below. Until next blog information, I would like to say good bye and take care dear readers.

SEGWAY Nepal Showroom at Jhamsikhel Lalitpur | Segway E100

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