Pass Motorcycle Trial in Nepal

How Can I Pass Motorcycle Trial in Nepal?

You Might Have A Query That How Can I Pass Motorbike or Motorcycle Trial in Nepal! Well, this content covers those answers and tips for you.

Everyone knows about the basic procedures to apply for a driving license in our country Nepal. The test generally includes two phases i.e. written and trial. Here, the majority of the applicants conquer the written phase with flying colors but fall on their face when it comes to the trial phase. In other words, the pressure is high and the confidence of riders tank when they see 6-7 traffic officers watching over them.

Recently, the government of Nepal has implemented a new marking system to reduce the number of failed applicants in the trial. Similarly, the rules are simpler and the examiners even more understanding. All in all, this is the perfect time to get your motorbike driving license made and some steps are listed below to achieve just that.

Steps to Pass Motorcycle Trial in Nepal:

The trial phase of Motorbike in Nepal has been divided into seven aspects where the examiners will judge your performance and provide marks for it. Similarly, the minimum marks required for the passing is 70 points for both motorcycle and scooters. Here, we have listed the steps according to those aspects for better understanding and higher success rates.

1. Round 8 – 20 marks

The first test makes the applicants do one and a half circle of the Round 8 track and carries a total of 20 marks. The general rule is for the riders to complete the track without their feet touching the ground and without going outside the marked yellow lines. Similarly, the criteria for marks reduction includes a deduction of 5 marks each with either a single touch of feet on the ground and crossing the yellow line once. Likewise the criteria for disqualification are shown hereafter:

  • A. Applicants touch the ground with their feet’s twice
  • B. Applicants cross the yellow marking twice
  • C. Applicants fails to make an eight
  • D. Applicants do not enter from the right side
  • E. If the vehicles engine stops

2. Narrow ply – 10 marks

If you have passed the round 8 phase, then you can take a breather as the next phases are quite easy. In the narrow ply test, applicants just have to drive straight with a good control over their handling. Similarly, there are no criteria for marks deduction but riders can be disqualified from either condition shown hereafter:

  • Riders touch the ground with their feet’s
  • Riders drive down the ply before it’s over

3. Traffic lights – 15 marks

Traffic lights are one of the confusing parts of the motorcycle trial and the total of 15 marks can be deducted from it. Although there are no criteria for disqualification, it’s better to take our time and clear this stage. Basically, you have to stop before the zebra crossing when the lights turn RED or YELLOW and continue when it glows green. Another thing to note is that the placement of traffic lights varies from one location to another and we should adapt as necessary.

4. U – turn – 10 marks

Next step is to continue along with the U – turn track. This step is fairly easy and it carries a total of 10 marks. Here, users should turn on their left side-light before entering and turn it off after exiting the U – turn. Similarly, the criteria for negative marks include the condition when the riders fail to turn on their left blinkers. Likewise, the condition for disqualification is shown hereafter:

  • Riders touch their feet on the ground
  • Riders touch the Yellow lines on either sides

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5. Bumps – 15 marks

The next step is to conquer the bumpy track in the trial. The condition for passing is simply to drive straight through it with good handling. Similarly, the condition for marks reduction is: – 5 marks deducted for either touching the ground with our feet and if our engine stops. Likewise, the conditions for disqualifications are shown hereafter:

  • If the vehicles engine stops more than once
  • If the rider touches the ground more than once

6. Ramp – 20 marks

Ramp is the final stage for riders to complete their driving license test. Here, riders have to drive up the slope and stop between the yellow markings. Also, you can only touch either of your feet on the ground to stop on the slope not both. Next, go upwards the slope again and stop between the Yellow lines again in the downhill section of the slope. Once again, we can only use one foot to stop the vehicle and move forward on the signal of the examiner. Finally, this should officially provide you with you Motorbike driving license. Similarly, you are disqualified on the spot if you fail to follow any of the above mentioned steps. Here, scooter riders are allowed to place both of their feet’s on the ground during this stage.

7. Behavioral Aspects – 10 marks

In the behavioral aspects, the examiner checks your carefulness and discipline during your trial exams. It carries 10 marks and you are required to check the conditions of your mirrors, tires, and brakes. There are no disqualifications but the reduction of marks can be done accordingly.

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