Pass Car Trial In Nepal

How Can I Pass Car Trial in Nepal?

Cars are the second most popular means of private transportation after motorbike in our country Nepal. You Might Have A Query That How Can I Pass Car Trial in Nepal! Well, this content covers those answers and tips for you.

Cars are the second most popular means of private transportation after motorbike in our country Nepal. Most people generally try for their car license after their motorbike and the format is similar overall. Here, the Car license trial also has two phases i.e. written and trail. The written test is fairly easy but only some people successfully complete their trial phase as well. Recently, the government has also changed the rules for Car license in the country and many people are not aware of this change. In this article, we will discuss about the current car trial system in the country and how to successfully clear one.

Steps to Pass Car Trial in Nepal:

Similar with the motorbike trial, there are also seven parts in the car trial system and the marks are allocated accordingly. Also, you have to accumulate similar passing marks i.e. 70 points to successfully get your car license in our country Nepal.

1. Round 8 – 20 marks

The first category to clear for our car license is the Round 8 which consists of 20 marks in total. This test is relatively simple in a car than in a motorbike and the rules are similar with a few adjustments here and there. Here, the main goal is to clear one and half round of the figure 8 without touching or knocking any marked lines or cones. 5 marks will be deducted each time the vehicle touches the line twice or knocks the cones twice. Any applicant that knocks or crosses the line more than twice is immediately disqualified. Similarly, the Applicants are also disqualified:

  • If the applicants fail to make an eight
  • Also, if the applicants doesn’t enter from the right side
  • If the vehicle is pushed backwards.

2. Speed Breakers/Bumps – 15 marks

Speed breakers relatively easy step in the car trial examination and people are rarely disqualified through it. The condition for completion is to drive the car though it without the engine stopping. Here, 5 marks is deducted if the engine stops once and the applicant is disqualified if it stops more than once.

3. U – turn – 10 marks

The U – turn is another simple task in the car trial and it only requires users to turn-on their right indicator and progress further. Applicants can acquire negative 10 marks if they forget to turn-on their indicators and are disqualified if they touch Yellow lines marked on either side.

4. Traffic Lights – 15 marks

Traffic lights are one of the most confusing phases in the car trial. And, it is advised that you go slowly to avoid any kinds of mistakes.  Although, you cannot be disqualified in this stage, the examiner will deduct 15 marks for you failure. Here, you only move forward on the GREEN light and stop on RED and YELLOW.

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More Useful Videos on YouTube: Taja Jankari

5. Ramp – 15 marks

In this test, applicants are required to go and down a slope while stopping in-between the marked lines. This also quite difficult as the applicant will be disqualified it they don’t stop on the marked lines on both the upwards slope and the downward slopes of the hill. Also, your vehicle shouldn’t slip more than six inches when you move forward in the slope. Failure to do so can also result in your immediate disqualification.

6. Garage Parking – 20 marks

In this final step, applicants only have to move their car backwards. The examiner can deduct our 10 points if the car moves forward once. Similarly, the applicant can be disqualified if their car moves forward more than once or if their vehicles touch the specified marked lines on the track.

7. Behavioral Aspects – 10 marks

In the behavioral aspects, you are judged on your discipline while riding the car. Failure to pass this stage will result in the deduction of your overall score. The criteria’s for deductions are shown hereafter:

  • Applicants will lose 3 points if they don’t check the tires, mirrors, brakes etc. prior to the test.
  • Applicants will lose 4 points if they don’t have their seat belts on and 3 points if they ride the vehicle recklessly.

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