50 Lakh Cash Prize from Honda Nepal

How Bishal Thapa Won 50 Lakh Cash Prize From Honda Nepal?

Honda Nepal always comes with a different scheme in every Dashain Tihar Festival to attract its customer. In 2075 B.S. Honda came with a scheme called “Sambandha Sapanaharuko” during Dashain Tihar Festive Season with a cash price of NRs. 50 Lakh (5 Million). Total 50 were selected as the Lucky-Draw Winner and then 39 were qualified and 1 Lucky winner was announced for 50 Lakh by Honda Nepal.

Honda Nepal organized a programmed dated 27th March 2019 (13 Chaitra 2075) to announce its winner for 50 Lakh of its last year scheme called Sambandha Sapanaharuko. The Winner was Bishal Thapa from Dhulikhel, Kavre.

Honda Nepal - Sambandha Sapanaharuko - Bishal Thapa

How were they qualified for the prize by Honda Nepal for 50 Lakh Cash Prize?

Obviously, the buyers of Honda product during the Dashain, Tihar Festive Scheme can go for the lucky-draw winner. All Participants should have to make a video on the topic “What will you do if you win 50 Lakh Rupees from Honda?”. Lucky-Draw Winner should have to upload the video on Facebook. Among all lucky-draw winner, one won it and he is non-other than Bishal Thapa. He posted his video stating he would utilize the cash price of 50 Lakh to fulfil his dream of becoming a Doctor and help needy people from the medical sector in Nepal in coming days. His Facebook video got maximum of 24150 interactions and led him to become the winner.

Bishal Thapa says, “I am very thankful to Honda Nepal and want to congratulate for reaching 50 years of success in Nepal. I am sure that I will utilize this cash price to complete my MBBS and become a doctor. Also, I would like to express Thank You to all Facebook friends and dear who liked and showed engagement to my video upload. Also, my special thank goes to Kathmandu University of Medical Science Family and Dhulikhel Hospital Family for all those support.”.

Find out all from this Facebook video uploaded by Honda Nepal:

Saurabh Jyoti Vice Chair Person Honda Nepal

During this program of 50 Lakh Cash Prize Distribution, there was a presence of Vice-chairperson of Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. i.e. Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, Director of Jyoti Group and Sales Manager of Honda Nepal. Mr. Saurab Jyoti announces that this year (2075B.S) was the best sale date. Honda Nepal succeeds in a sale with a total of 25265 unit largest sale and its a record till date. They are all thankful for all the trusted Honda customers, dealer, participants and Media Group. This programming brought many smiles and hope of winning great scheme on coming days from Honda Nepal among many of us. Thank You to Honda Nepal and wish you best wishes as always for your great business in Nepal.

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