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11 Titles of ICT Award 2020

11 Titles of ICT Award 2020

This is the biggest tech award. Its occurs every year in Nepal as annual ICT Awards Conference. ICT Award occurs in the capital city of Nepal. Its motto is to honor the Best Technology Centre in Nepal. The Award was held since 2016. It approached for 1200+ Nominations. It gave awards to 50+ Winners so far. The numbers of Associated Partners are 1100 plus. Today we will list out 11 Titles of ICT Award 2020.

Did you know?

In 2017, Paaila Technology had built Pari, a humanoid robot for Nepal SBI Bank. We are sure many of you know about Paaila Technology and their works. Paaila did apply for the ICT Award that time. And, it had managed to win the award in both the categories. It had applied for ICT Startup Award as well as Innovative Product Award. There might be such innovative people around you too, who might not have heard about this award, which is regarded with much respect in this industry. In 2020, the award was conducted in various 11 titles.

Those 11 Titles of ICT Award 2020 were:

  1. Startup ICT Award 2020
  2. Product ICT Award 2020
  3. Rising Student ICT Award 2020
  4. Innovation Driven Crisis Response ICT Award 2020
  5. Pioneer ICT Award 2020
  6. Nepali Diaspora ICT Award 2020
  7. Entrepreneur ICT Award 2020
  8. Woman ICON ICT Award 2020
  9. Media Person ICT Award 2020
  10. Digital Education ICT Award 2020
  11. Digital Governance ICT Award 2020

Hence these were the 11 Titles of ICT Award 2020.

HOW TO ENTER? The applicants have to fill the registration form to apply. They must ensure they fulfill all criteria and guidelines required. Entry is FREE.

The Award Categories so far are:

  • Huawei Startup ICT Award
  • Product ICT Award
  • Rising Star Innovation ICT Award
  • Pioneer ICT Award
  • Nepali Diaspora ICT Award
  • Entrepreneur ICT Award
  • Woman ICON ICT Award
  • Digital Education ICT AWARD (Private Sector)
  • Also, Digital Education ICT AWARD (Public Sector)
  • Digital Services ICT Award
  • Digital Governance ICT Award

For more up to date information, you may visit ICT Award Official Website Here:

Latest Statistics on GSM Mobile 3G 4G Mobile Broadband and ISPs Penetration in Nepal

Latest Statistics on GSM Mobile, 3G 4G Mobile Broadband and ISPs Penetration in Nepal

This is the latest data/report as “MIS Report” from 14 May, 2020-14 June, 2020 by Nepal Telecommunications Authority. In this report, you will find the Latest Statistics on Mobile (GSM), Mobile Broadband (3G/4G), and ISPs Penetration in Nepal.

Latest Statistics on GSM Mobile, 3G 4G Mobile Broadband and ISPs Penetration in Nepal in Summary:

Telecom Statistics Summary

Nepal Telecom subscribers: 1,97,41,107
Ncell GSM subscribers: 1,59,16,354
Smart GSM subscribers: 21,41,117
Voice Telephony penetration: 126.53%

Broadband Service Summary

3G subscribers: 1,14,41,017 (NT:85,82,634 | Ncell: 28,58,383)
4G subscribers: 47,10,779 (NT: 8,43,402 | Ncell: 36,84,832 | Smart: 1,82,545)
Mobile Broadband Penetration: 54.52%

NT internet users (ADSL+FTTH+3G+4G+..): 1,07,53,232
Ncell mobile data users (3G+4G): 65,43,215
ISPs users: 43,24,353 (No. of users is generally much more than the no. of subscribers)
Broadband internet penetration: 72.98%

Top ISPs by subscribers Summary:

1. Worldlink: 368,787
2. Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited: 243,747
3. Subisu: 124,620
4. Vianet: 108,153
5. Classic Tech: 102,907
6. Broadlink: 60,754
7. Techminds Chitwan: 42,908

CAN InfoTech

CAN InfoTech | CAN Federation Updates

CAN started organizing the technology exhibition & fair since the early 90s. It was the only of its kind expo in Nepal until a decade ago. It was the only place where people could visit to witness the latest technological developments. CAN InfoTech was a very useful event until internet became easily accessible for all and new information about technology started to be available online. This was not the only reason that lessened public’s attraction to CAN InfoTech. The value of CAN InfoTech started to degrade when it turned into a marketplace for Pendrive, printer, antivirus, UPS, inverter, etc. sellers.

Currently, there seems to be a huge gap between CAN Federation and tech-startups and innovators in Nepal.

Suggestions: Some young and innovative entrepreneurs (E4N members) with suggestions like CAN InfoTech should open few stalls for innovative companies with lesser price, so that CAN will become more futuristic in terms of local technology.

Official Website:

Allowing innovative startups to exhibit at CAN InfoTech at a discounted rate or free-of-charge would definitely make the event worth visiting. At the same time, it will help these young and innovative companies to reach a wider audience and get benefits. CAN InfoTech is probably the biggest expo in Nepal, where they get around 5 lakh visitors within just 6 days and its like a successful trend every year.

Public Thoughts on CAN InfoTech:

Avinash Gurung writes –

As I recall 6-7 years back, CAN InfoTech was more like a PC and Internet provider’s exhibition show. Is it still relevant?

Pukar Sthapit writes –

Being an active visitor for years as well as participants, I feel like this event needs a good thought from the organizing team. The stall cost is too high, it’s more of a business platform than an information platform. If possible, new innovations and startups should be given some stalls, and not in the corner outside the hall, but rather in a prime spot. Also, they should filter out the so-called offers provided by the exhibitors.

Krishna Gaihre writes –

I am hopeful by this post that CAN InfoTech2020 will be different than the previous ones. Supporting startup companies and ideas will definitely contribute to the economy of the country and its GDP.
#Startup #Technology

So, what are your suggestions for the CAN InfoTech organizing team? Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions.