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How To VOTE Your Favorite Contestant of Imagine Nepal From eSewa

How To VOTE Your Favorite Contestant of Imagine Nepal From eSewa?

Project That We Have Been Searching For This Far…..
A Must Watch and Share “Imagine Nepal Series” | Today, we will guide you on “How To VOTE Your Favorite Contestant of Imagine Nepal From eSewa?”.

With 49 epic documentaries, 7 creative team representing 7 Pradesh compete for the honor to represent Nepal as ‘नेपाल पर्यटन दूत २०७९’.

7 Categories:
1. People and Culture
2. Biodiversity
3. Food and Culinary Arts
4. Tourism Activities
5. Landscape and terrain
6. The Unexplored
7. Province Video

7 TEAM as:
1. Team Abin | कर्णाली प्रदेश (Karnali Province)| Imagine Nepal
2. Team Kishor | लुम्बिनी प्रदेश (Lumbini Province) | Imagine Nepal
3. Team Darshan | गण्डकी प्रदेश (Gandaki Province) | Imagine Nepal
4. Team Mannsi | बागमती प्रदेश (Bagmati Province) | Imagine Nepal
5. Team Ghumante | मधेश प्रदेश (Madesh Province) | Imagine Nepal
6. Team Sahana | Pradesh 1 | Imagine Nepal
7. Team Nepal.Food | सुदूरपश्चिम प्रदेश (Sudur Paschim Province) | Imagine Nepal

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Steps to vote Imagine Nepal:

Step 1: Go to eSewa App, Login and go to Search. If you have not downloaded app yet, you can get it from Google Playstore or iOS App Store. Or, you can visit website too to vote Imagine Nepal.

Step 2: Search for Imagine Nepal.

3rd Step: Near “Voting closes in”, tap on “Vote Now”.

4th Step: Go To Team. Choose any team you like and tap on View Nominee.

5th Step: Here for an example, we will shown you by choosing Team Ghumante. Tap on vote and Choose Package. Select the package and tap on Vote Now and Submit. Provide your confirmation credential. Here, it asked for a Face ID on my iOS Device.

This way, your voting will be successful for the Imagine Nepal.

Video tutorial on how you can vote one or more your favorite contestant of Imagine Nepal using an eSewa.

How To Pay Electricity Bill using Connect IPS

How To Pay Electricity Bill using Connect IPS?

Now you can pay your Electricity Bill online at your home. You just need a smartphone or a laptop and Connect IPS Account. In this Nepali Tech Tutorial Blog post and Video, we will guide you to pay your Electricity Bill using the connect IPS Account. So let’s start the process.

Please note that, you must have enough balance at your Bank Account which is linked with your connect IPS account. Sign up Connect IPS account if you have not done yet. If you want to lean how you can create the Connect IPS account, then you can visit our YouTube Channel “Taja Jankari“.

Steps to Pay Nepali Electricity Bill using Connect IPS:

Step 1: Go to and login with your credentials.

Step 2: On the left hand side, you will see “Utilities Payment”. Inside it, you will need to choose your Bank Account Number from SENDER DETAILS. Also, on BENEFICIARY DETAILS, choose or fill up the Counter, Customer Id and SC Number. You can find these details on your Electricity Bill. And now click or tap on May Payment.

3rd Step:  Now, you can see all the details you have filled up. Also, you can verify now if you have provided the corrected details or not. You can see the owner name of the electricity consumer. Also, you can see the amount details too. If all information seems correct, now you can again tap or click on MAKE PAYMENT.

4th Step: You will be asked to put the Transaction Password of your Connect IPS account. After filling, tap on Continue. And, your transaction will be successful.

5th Step: For your future payment or any other purpose, you can download the Payment Statement too by clicking the download button. You can verify from the Transaction History section too.

6th Step: To verify if your payment is remained or not, you can cross check by following all same previous steps. If “Not Found! Consumer can not pay more than once on the same day.” error message is shown then, your previous payment has been processed and you have to know that you do not have any other pending bill. Hence, that much for it.

If this tech guide was helpful, you may subscribe to both of our Blog and YT Channel for more other useful tech guide.

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Also, video tutorial on how you can use your Connect IPS account to pay your Electricity Utility Bill:

Nabil SmartBank Forgot Password Service

How To Reset Your Password of Nabil SmartBank Mobile Banking App

Probably for the time in Nepali banking sector, Nabil Bank introduces the ‘Forgot Password’ option in a mobile banking app. Appreciate this initiation. Hope other banks too will roll out this service soon. Today we will show some overview steps on How To Reset Your Password of Nabil SmartBank Mobile Banking App. They are shown below.

Steps on “How To Reset Your Password of Nabil SmartBank Mobile Banking App” are as follows:

  1. You must get the service of Nabil SmartBank Mobile Banking from your bank. For this, you will have to pay some yearly charges. And, you will get login credentials for your Nabil SmartBank Mobile Banking. Hence, for that, you will need an app. If you are an Android user, please download it from the Google Playstore. And, if you are an iOS user, please download Nabil SmartBank Mobile Banking App from Appstore.
  2. If you have done these already, then let’s go to the reset procedures. For this, first of all you need to open the Nabil SmartBank App. Search for this app and tap to open.
    Nabil SmartBank App Installed
  3. After you tap on the app, you will see Nabil SmartBank App’s Homepage like this. There you can see “Forgot Password” option below, tap on it.
    Nabil SmartBank App Homepage
  4. Enter your Registered Mobile Number, Account Number, and Date of Birth to proceed.
  5. Scroll down little and tap on next to proceed.
    How To Reset Your Password of Nabil SmartBank Mobile Banking App

After a few confirmation steps, you will be able to reset your Nabil SmartBank Mobile Banking Login Password. If you face any other difficulties, you may comment down below. Or, you can get help from “Contact Us” of Nabil Bank Help Center.

Ultra LED Display In Nepal

Ultra LED Display In Nepal | Pricing & Its Business Scope

I’m sure most of you noticed such photos of crowds watching the SAG matches in the BIG screen of UWTC mall, outside Dashrath Stadium.

Installation History of LED Display in Nepal:

Today, I’m going to tell you the story of a young team that was an installation partner for this particular LED display, the team that has set up 15+ similar LED display systems at shopping malls across major cities in Nepal and has installed 1000+ digital display boards and counting.

Two years ago, a team of 5 people started working on the digital display and outdoor solutions through their company Himalayan Solution. In the early days, they just used to assemble the products.

Later on, they realized the bigger potentials and came up with an idea of outdoor LED displays for advertisements. It was the time Kulman Ghising had just ended load shedding in Nepal and there was an uninterrupted supply of electricity. They named the new venture ‘Ultra LED Displays’. Their seed investment was just 1.5 crores.

They bring the assembly parts from their authorized vendors in Shenzhen, China and build LED displays as per clients’ demand.

As mentioned above, the ‘Ultra LED Display’ team was the supervisor and installation partner for the LED display project at UWTC Tripureshwor, the biggest outdoor LED display in Nepal.

The team has designed and installed a display system at hotels, restaurants, government institutions, banks, corporates, shopping malls, and so forth.

Scope of LED Display in Nepal:

As per the team, demand for digital LED display in Nepal has been tremendously increasing in the last few years. Digital LED displays are replacing the traditional way of conveying messages to the audience as digital displays capture more view, information, images, videos which are more interactive for the viewers. Many businesses can connect to their customers through an LED display solution.

Now the company is looking for the growth phase.

Best wishes to the Ultra LED Display team for the successful venture.

Important Request for Tech-Enabled Startup from Basanta:

PS: I am planning to make similar posts about innovative tech startups of Nepal on a twice-a-week basis and give more exposure to them through this group. If anyone of you has been running a tech-enabled startup and want it to be shared in this group like this, then please ping me.

– Basanta K. Dhakal

Public Thoughts on Ultra LED Display In Nepal:

Prabin Shakya writes –
This is good.

Sagar Poudel writes-
Great one 👏👏

Abhinash Pandey writes-
Great work 👏👏👏🔥

Gift Risal writes-
I had some research about this screen to be fitted in our building at Durbar Marg. And I came to know that it’s very much expensive. We planned for 7 storey screen, but came to know it’s running cost is more than we thought and could not even raise our funds within several years, that we invested in it. Also, cost was extremely high(approx14 crore). I guess still 5-8 years it will take to go on the market with less price. If anyone works on these kind of screens do inbox me with your plans I have ready space in Durbar Marg and will be other space lately.
· Reply
Basanta K. Dhakal writes-
So, your display size is almost 4 times that of UWTC?
PS: The cost differs from the project designs and types of chips used on it, as informed by ‘Ultra LED Display’ team.
· Reply
Gift Risal writes-
Basanta K. Dhakal yea. almost 4 times. We planned for Nepal’s biggest screen. But the cost was much high than we expected.
· Reply
Sabin Adh writes-
Gift Risal You can coordinate with us in detail for the requirements !!
We will go through the details and revert back.
Thanks 🙂

Best Battery Inverter for Home

Best Battery Inverter for Home | Exide Battery | Luminous Inverter

Before going to the main part of today’s article, I would like to go back to those BLACK Days. I am sure, this article will be useful for you. So, let’s start from here. If you are from the capital city of Nepal “Kathmandu”, you won’t face load-shedding at this current moment. It’s all because of respected person Kulman Ghising (present Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority of Nepal). The country was lacking a true leader and here we got Kulman Ghising. All of us are really proud of him. He made a remarkable history. The country was facing serious trouble due to the corrupted authority and leaders in National Electricity Authority & Distribution. Kulman Ghising showed what others could not. We are all thankful to him.

In the past, we had to face 21 hours of load-shedding. In that situation, only rich people could afford battery, solars, inverters and DC bulbs. Many businessmen and shop keepers were in profit. But now after the eradication of load-shedding, we do not depend on batteries, inverters, solar panels and all. Still, for backup and uninterrupted power supply at your household, you can go for this powerful installation explained below.

Exide Battery & Luminous Inverter Combo as Best Battery Inverter for Home:

For example, I recently went to an Excide Dealer Shop near Kathmandu. I wanted to setup a power supply for my 800 Watt PC, Household DC lights, Wifi power supply and all. And, the Excide dealer suggested me following configuration:

Battery: Excide
Capacity: 150 Amp
Battery Weight: 40KG
Total Battery Required: 2 Pieces

And 1500 VA Luminous Inverter

Total Cost: NRs.58,500

Power Supply will last for 3+ Hours
Applicable for 600 to 800 Watt PC (Personal Computer), Laptops, DC Bulbs, Internet Power Supply and all. By this combo setup at home, you will get an uninterrupted power supply for various purposes.

If you have any queries, you can ask via a comment section provided below. I hope, this content could be a useful one for you.

How To Apply PAN Card Online In Nepal

How To Apply PAN Card Online In Nepal | Online PAN Card Registration

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is a unique identification number issued to all taxpayers and tax deducted at source (TDS) withholding agents throughout Nepal. The one time allotted PAN of a taxpayer or TDS withholding agent never changes. It also serves as an identity proof. PAN is mandatory for financial transactions such as receiving a taxable salary or professional fees, sale or purchase of assets above specified limits, buy mutual funds and more.

PAN, VAT Information

साउन २०७६ देखि सरकारले कुनै पनि काम सेवा गरी तलबभत्ता, ज्याला लिने सबै नागरिकहरुले व्यक्तिगत स्थायी लेखा नम्बर अनिवार्य लिनुपर्ने व्यवस्था गरेको छ​। नयाँ व्यवस्थासँगै कुनै कम्पनीले एक हजार रुपैयाँ भन्दा माथिको ज्याला वा पारिश्रमिक भूक्तानी गर्दा प्यान नम्बर समावेश गरी बैंकमार्फत गर्नुपर्नेछ। Read All Here: Job News

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How To Apply PAN Card Online In Nepal | Online PAN Card Registration Steps:

  1. First Collect your PP / Passport Size Photo and Citizenship Scan Copy / Soft Copy on PC or Laptop or any desktop on Cyber.
  2. Then search for IRD GOV NP on Google or go to This will take you to Inland Revenue Department Nepal’s official website.
  3. Tips: If you know / get the PAN number of your Office where you work, you can search the PAN information and visit the nearby TAX Department. For example, the office where I work is registered its PAN in Putalisadak, so it will be better if I visit Putalisadak TAX Office to get my PAN card. To search the PAN registered of your Office, please go to here as shown in the picture below:
    PAN Search
  4. Now, you have to sign up and get your Submission Number from this office. Scroll to bottom of this website. You will see “Taxpayer Portal”. Click it. You will see / redirect to another web page as shown in the picture below. From here you can sign up for PAN, or VAT or EXCISE. Also, you can login to your respected account(s). If its your first time, all you have to select is “Application For Registration”.
    Taxpayer Portal
  5. After clicking on “Application For Registration”, you will see a sign up page. Here you need to create your new username, give password, email, personal contact number. For now, we are guiding you on PAN Registration. So, select as it is “Personal PAN”, “IRO/LTO” options and select IRO Name. For example: “आ. रा. का. पुतलीसडक”. Then click OK. Keep you login detail safe on Notepad. You will need this to login to your PAN Account on next time.
  6. After successful signup, you will get a unique SUBMISSION NUMBER. Keep it safe. You need this to login to your account. Click on ok or next and you will see a long form. You need to fill all your personal detail. You can see your citizenship and give credentials as mentioned on that. Simply, provide your exact personal detail (required both Devanagari and English Typing).
  7. During form fill up, you need to upload your passport sized photo and citizenship there. Please, fill exact private information and fill it carefully.
  8. If you made any mistake, you need to register again from the beginning that is from “Sign Up” process. It is because, once you submit / save the form, you cannot change your filled information. So, please be careful on that.
  9. Finally, click on Submit. Click on “Print”, convert to PDF and Print It Out. Also, Print out your Citizenship.
  10. Take both of your PAN Information Print and Citizenship Prints and go to the respected / recommended TAX Office / Department for eg: Putalisadak. Visit there, ask for the process, they will guide you to take your PAN. That’s all. You will get PAN Card within 5 to 10 Minutes. [Note: TAX Office Staffs’ Launch Time would be 1:30 to 2PM, so you can visit before 1PM or after 2PM]. If you have any confusion, you can comment and ask us below.