Best Battery Inverter for Home

Best Battery Inverter for Home | Exide Battery | Luminous Inverter

Before going to the main part of today’s article, I would like to go back to those BLACK Days. I am sure, this article will be useful for you. So, let’s start from here. If you are from the capital city of Nepal “Kathmandu”, you won’t face load-shedding at this current moment. It’s all because of respected person Kulman Ghising (present Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority of Nepal). The country was lacking a true leader and here we got Kulman Ghising. All of us are really proud of him. He made a remarkable history. The country was facing serious trouble due to the corrupted authority and leaders in National Electricity Authority & Distribution. Kulman Ghising showed what others could not. We are all thankful to him.

In the past, we had to face 21 hours of load-shedding. In that situation, only rich people could afford battery, solars, inverters and DC bulbs. Many businessmen and shop keepers were in profit. But now after the eradication of load-shedding, we do not depend on batteries, inverters, solar panels and all. Still, for backup and uninterrupted power supply at your household, you can go for this powerful installation explained below.

Exide Battery & Luminous Inverter Combo as Best Battery Inverter for Home:

For example, I recently went to an Excide Dealer Shop near Kathmandu. I wanted to setup a power supply for my 800 Watt PC, Household DC lights, Wifi power supply and all. And, the Excide dealer suggested me following configuration:

Battery: Excide
Capacity: 150 Amp
Battery Weight: 40KG
Total Battery Required: 2 Pieces

And 1500 VA Luminous Inverter

Total Cost: NRs.58,500

Power Supply will last for 3+ Hours
Applicable for 600 to 800 Watt PC (Personal Computer), Laptops, DC Bulbs, Internet Power Supply and all. By this combo setup at home, you will get an uninterrupted power supply for various purposes.

If you have any queries, you can ask via a comment section provided below. I hope, this content could be a useful one for you.

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