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11 Titles of ICT Award 2020

In 2017, Paaila Technology had built Pari, a humanoid robot for Nepal SBI Bank. We are sure many of you know about Paaila Technology and their works. Paaila did apply for the ICT Award that time and had managed to win the award in both the categories it had applied: ICT Startup Award as well as Innovative Product Award. There might be such innovative people around you too, who might not have heard about this award, which is regarded with much respect in this industry. This year, the award is going to be conducted in various 11 titles. 11 Titles of ICT Award 2020 are shown below.

Those 11 titles of ICT Award are as follows:

  1. Startup ICT Award 2020
  2. Product ICT Award 2020
  3. Rising Student ICT Award 2020
  4. Innovation Driven Crisis Response ICT Award 2020
  5. Pioneer ICT Award 2020
  6. Nepali Diaspora ICT Award 2020
  7. Entrepreneur ICT Award 2020
  8. Woman ICON ICT Award 2020
  9. Media Person ICT Award 2020
  10. Digital Education ICT Award 2020
  11. Digital Governance ICT Award 2020

So, we request you to register your nomination or convey this message to the people in your circle who deserve to win these titles. The nomination deadline is also about to be over in just two days. So, please register the nomination before the deadline: Bhadra 15, 2077 (31 August 2020). You can register nomination here: https://ictaward.org/register

*Note: There might be extended date, please contact the authority as soon as possible.
Thank you!

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